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Any File Split and Join (AFSJ) v3.0 - Download
for Windows


Any File Split and Join (AFSJ) provides a quick and easy way for splitting ANY files into any number of smaller files as well as joining these components back into the original file. With just the click of a button, all the file components can be  e-mailed as file attachments.  

Download Any file Split & Join for Windows



Registration keys for Any File Split & Join purchased version will be issued to our customers by email within 24 hours (on weekdays, 48 hours on weekends) but our average is less than 2 hours from the purchase time.
If you have any questions please call us, toll free, at: 1-888-396-7462











A file split can be accomplished with three simple steps: 

1. Select a file;

2. Define the number of files to be split into;

3. Execute split.

The number of files can be entered or calculated based on expected length of individual files, in bytes or any number of lines for text files. Once file components are generated they can be emailed using: 

  • ·         Direct mailing (SMTP)

  • ·         MS Outlook 2003

  • ·         MS Outlook 2007



Please note - registration keys for purchased version will be issued to our customers by email!

AFS&J Quick Overview:

:: Main Menu
:: File Split
:: File Join
:: Configure
:: Address Book
:: Import Keys













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