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EXNP Web Portal

Web Portal is a web site that brings a way for enterprises to provide a consistent look and feel with access control and procedures for multiple applications and databases from diverse sources in a uniform way

    It provides web functionality to any organization whose need combine:
  • Customer Support and Orders Requests

Web Portal key points are:

 Role based - unlimited number of roles can be defined and functionality enabled for: reports, articles, flex forms, services, workflow etc..
 User Specific - for individual users in any role permissions can be modified.
 User definable menu allows modifications of existing menu items (position, caption etc.) or extension of existing functionality with flex forms, articles, hyperlinks etc.
  Unlimited number of user definable forms for data entry or for view only.
Flex Forms can be based on existing tables or tables which contain data are created as result of flex form definition.
Unlimited number of blog type, subject specific (support, services etc.) can be added and administered by owners or other roles. Articles can be private (the owner can only see them), internal public (only logged users can see them) or external public (links are available prior login and anybody can see them).
Grid reports, table style reports based on SQL queries and stored procedures can be developed quickly and easily for any role or individual.  
Multi component reports, reports combining graphs, tables, images, text etc. can be added as well. For development, registration and authorization "Report Writer" (see Tools for more details) is required.
 Complete help desk functionality for unlimited number of products and / or services.
Users can report:
- The "issues" related to the "product"
- Get notifications about progress
- Email issues directly
- View other similar issues, etc.

Portal users in admin roles can also: assign, close, modify issues, etc.
 Web portal specific services can be registered and processes. Services can be linked into workflow and passed from one role to the other. Web portal can be linked with external system (i.e BAM) and services available in external system can be enabled as part of the workflow.
 In addition to service level integration where external service can be at the end of the workflow, entity  synchronization, flex form entries sharing ,reporting, invoice  view, etc.  are available as well.
 Dynamics help system allows documents to be uploaded and made available to all users or limited to some users in specific roles.
Hyperlinks to the external content can be added on the same way as well.

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