Core Features

We believe that our technology, based on EXNP Impel Platform, can be applied to any business environment in one of the following ways:

As a complete solution for Case/File Management

where majority of the workers are knowledge workers.

As a modeling tool if there is MS SQL or Access DB in place

but solution does not exist, or is not well defined, our IMPEL platform can be used for partial development of the solution.

As an application conversion tool

if there is business solution in another DB driven environment and MS SQL is preferred, DB data model can be easily replicated with data transferred even if they can only be extracted in form of reports and/or text files.

EXNP Data Tools add even more by complimenting our Enterprise solution system for internal collaboration between individuals in various roles (document editing, email processing, phone calls etc.) as a powerful tool for performing everyday tasks.

Why Choose Us

We provide innovative business applications, from simple and affordable tools that boost productivity, to all-encompassing Enterprise solutions that can entirely transform your business processes. Our software products have been used by various organizations from the HR/Recruiting industry, to Government, Health Insurance and so on.