Business Activity Management BAM is our take on Case Management putting many critical technologies under one single roof.

If you have many employees or contractors on the ground providing various services to your clients, BAM will give them the power to log in remotely, accept work and perform all of their day-to-day tasks in a secure, and a fully transparent environment.

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Business Activity Management (BAM) is a windows based software solution developed to streamline and automate management business activities for business of any size. Its multi-role capabilities ensure that all levels of your organization have rapid access to the information and functionality they need at your fingertips to keep your business running efficiently. Therefore, this enterprise grade case management tool provides users within the organization (in any role) with a master tool to perform everyday tasks, and your customers with web access to the information pertaining to the service(s) they have purchased.

BAM is roles based, secure, multi lingual and multi currency case management solution (CSM), encompassing all aspects of case and business process management. It supports up to seven distinct roles and a flexible workflow scheduler. It oversees: intake, assignment, document management, billing, workflow, output and reporting for knowledge worker based business.

Built on the .NET platform, BAM is a secure and robust software suite with flexible hosting requirements.