Serenity HR Software

The best way to ensure strategy implementation is to hire the right people into the company.

Improve that process with Serenity Software!


EXNP Serenity

is an HR/Recruiting System designed to streamline the recruiting process, while remaining flexible and easily mouldable to an ever changing business model.

Features Include:

  • MS Office integration
  • Multi-language spell checking
  • Resume parsing for quick entry
  • Postal/Zip code Proximity Searching

  • Advanced grid filtering/grouping capabilities
  • Integrated Bing maps
  • Powerful reporting (2D/3D graphs, charts, Master-Detail etc.)

  • IMAP based E-Mail metrics (Gmail/Office 365 etc.)
  • Telephony/VOIP integration for metrics
  • Mass Emailing Integration (such MailChimp)

  • Integrated .doc/.docx editing capabilities
  • Customizable table views for every user
  • Document/Resume keyword searching

  • Multi-Monitor support (Dockable & Floating windows)
  • Evolving MS Office like Interface

  • 40+ skins, guaranteed to match any personality

Custom built on the Microsoft .NET platform and MS SQL Server - offers enterprise level features and security at a fraction of the cost!

Unlike many other 'one-size-fits-all' solutions available today, Serenity can be quickly modified to be a perfect match to your HR/Recruiting business, either in the Cloud or within your existing IT infrastructure.