MiPharmacy Flu Shot Application

MiPharmacy Flu Shot converts simple PDF forms into the smart ones.

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MiPharmacy Flu Shot is designed to allow pharmacist to simplify and speed up the entire flu shot procedure.

Flu Shot converts simple PDF forms that pharmacists are already familiar with into the smart ones. By doing that, pharmacist is more focused on the patients while the paper work gets done automatically.

After administering the flu shot, pharmacist only needs to check associated check box with vaccine used and all other form fields will be populated automatically (vaccine lot #, expiry date, pharmacist name and license number, date and time of immunization, etc.)

The entire process is extremely reliable, fast and easy.

Patient - Pharmacist Benefits


  • Patient information gets entered only once: either by pharmacy or a patient;
  • Double entries and/or mistakes are completely eliminated. Number of entries is reduced by entering name and licence number only once - Any other form the pharmacy use later on will have those fields automatically pre-populated;
  • Dates and times are retrieved from the system activation and are automatically placed where needed;
  • Records are absolutely accurate and maintained without any additional effort;
  • Patient's form - easy search even if it was processed yesterday or months before;
  • Archive completed form with a single click of the button;
  • Eliminate paper from the process while improving quality of the records.
  • Generates the full report at the end of each shift (or day) with a simple click of a button;
  • Prepares the complete list with all the billing codes ready to be send for claims.

Pharmacist - to do list:

  1. Register a patient, or let the patient do it;
  2. Select pre populated form for a patient;
  3. Review questionnaire with the patient (if needed);
  4. Select vaccine and/or the emergency treatment;
  5. Submit the billing codes;
  6. Hit the 'archive' button.

Patient - to do list:

Self-Serve Touch - From pharmacy's PC or Tablet

  1. Type in the health-card information;
  2. Answer pre-screen form questions;
  3. Get in the line for flu-shot;


Self-Serve Mobile - From personal mobile device such as smart phone, tablet, etc.

  1. Connect to Wi-Fi with your mobile device;
  2. Scan QR code for easy access or enter "FluShot";
  3. Type in the health-card information;
  4. Answer a few questions.

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