• Allows pharmacist to quickly and easily register results of every patient's visit;
  • No need for data entries of the values which are not changed;
  • Calculations such as: BMI, Lean Mass etc. are already built in;
  • With just a few entries all registered values are calculated and all progress indicators are available for review.
  • Only the very first time the: Goal, Height and Previous (equal Current) must be entered;

Share result with patient in form of a graph or a report.

Ideal Protein service is registered for any patient only on the system where the application is opened.

Share result with patient in form of a graph or a report.

Available Options

Measurement units used, Imperial (default) or Metric;
Body fat percentage is calculated using one of the three formulas:


Male: LBM = 0.407*weight(kg) + 0.267*height(cm) - 19.2

Female: LBM = 0.252*weight(kg) + 0.473*height(cm) - 48.3


Male: LBM = 1.1*weight(kg) - 128*(weight(kg)/height(cm))2

Female: LBM = 1.07*weight(kg) - 148*(weight(kg)/height(cm))2


Male: LBM = 0.32810*weight(kg) + 0.33929*height(cm) - 29.5336

Female: LBM = 0.29569*weight(kg) + 0.41813*height(cm) - 43.2933

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