Automate Meds Check app

Automate Meds Check

This simple to use, touch enabled, application allows pharmacists to quickly and accurately provide services for:

  • Diabetes Education
  • Meds Check LTC
  • Pharmaceutical Opinion
  • Follow-ups

Meds Check application keeps all the above services and its details at one place. They work together and provide pharmacist with all details at the fingertips!

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APP for INR Readings

INR Readings

INR Readings, or the Anticoagulation Service, is an application that monitors warfarin therapy offering pharmacists secured flexibility, convenience, and the ability to get calculated INR percentage (using Roosendaal Method), access visual results and, if required, have streamline communication with a doctor.

Every INR reading is treated as a separate case therefore previous reading must be completed (case closed) before the next one can be started.

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Weight Loss App for Ideal Protein

This app allows pharmacist to quickly and easily register results of every patient's visit. No need for multiple data entries of the values which are not changed. All calculations such as: BMI, Lean Mass etc. are built in. With just a few entries progress indicators are available for review.

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Flu Shot Service Management for pharmacies

Flu Shot Service Management for pharmacies - Ready to GO!

MiPharmacy Flu Shot is designed to allow pharmacist to simplify and speed up the entire flu shot procedure by converting simple PDF forms that pharmacists are already familiar with into the smart ones.
The entire process is extremely reliable, fast and easy.

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Process & Manage PDF Forms

Process & Manage PDF Forms

  • Manage all your forms, templates and docs in one place
  • Add branded forms even on your website.
  • Submit claims from PDF document on your computer.
  • Respond faster and follow-up on every opportunity
  • Create, print and email professional, branded documents such as: Screening Questionnaire For Inactivated Inject able Influenza Vaccine, Primary Follow-up Counselling Sessions 1-3, Evaluation etc.
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Online scheduling for Canadian pharmacies

Give your patients 24/7 online access to your pharmacy


  • Offer clients to schedule appointments, on any device
  • Display a list of services, fees and appointment options
  • Manage your team schedule in-sync with their calendar
  • Get all patient inquiries and appointments to your existing email, phone or calendar
  • Save time on coordination, reminders and follow-ups
  • Get notified when appointments are booked
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